How Engineering Design & Drafting Company helps Product Manufacturers?

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Engineering Design Drafting Company

Increasing number of product manufacturers tried designing and developing products in-house, in the bid to save costs and reduce the time to market. But most of them failed miserably.

Product manufacturers realized that product development is done best in hands of outsourced engineering design & drafting company. In order to bring designs to life, engineers have to spend most of the time in converting conceptual sketches and technical drawings to 2D editable CAD drawings, or 2D CAD drafts for manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and fabrication drawings with BOM.

Why take assistance of product design companies?

Engineering design service providers aka product design and development company, are more than mere engineering firms. Their holistic 2D CAD drafting & 3D modeling solutions are finely tuned to resolve demands of increasing mechanical design complexities to further help building products, components, machinery parts, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Mechanical design engineers convert conceptual sketches, paper drawings and PDF files to editable 3D CAD models. Their clients rely on them for working out detailed concepts design to fully exemplify products, across stages of product design analysis, design documentation & developing prototypes.

What support services a product design company offers?

Best engineering design firms offer a wide plethora of design support solutions to analysis to determine what the performance of the product could be. CFD analysis and FEA analysis which they deliver include tolerance analysis, structural analysis, or an engineering analysis to assess operational safety and risks.

The next most important expertise they are equipped with is documentation, which is critical for any product design project. Documentation is important during the entire timeline of product design and development.

The best part is that they work as a one-stop shop for documentation needs including:

  • 2D design drawings for patents
  • Shop drawings & sheet metal drawings
  • 3D design files
  • Animations to illustrate operation
  • Manufacturing prints & assembly drawings
  • Photorealistic renderings for marketing and investor packets

Precise drawings prepared by engineers really come handy for a product overview and descriptions for marketing or investors who need a clear understanding of the product. Prototyping is a significant service offering of any engineering design support service provider who has documented industry & functional experience. They provide prototypes as mock-ups or fully functional prototypes for user-group testing, depending on client requirements.

Engineering service company Vs in-house designers

Engineering design support experts fit in the way a product manufacturer wants them to, a consultant’s role or providing only a specific aspect of a project. If required they can successfully lead an entire project from beginning to end.

Design support solution providers also help with 3D modeling & manufacturing support for building products, to automating repetitive engineering tasks of custom products for expediting the manufacturing process. May be this is reason why product manufacturers rely on them for fatigue life assessment of pressure vessels & reverse engineering of a recycling production plant. Their offerings are a supplement to your in-house capabilities and efforts and prove to be a critical resource for project-based work.

There are numerous reasons why this is the right time to take assistance from design support solution providers. Their design engineers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers, capable of providing effective teamwork, communication, and continuous project execution is one of the prime reasons.

Working with a full-service product development firm also suffices the need of that single point of contact to streamline the product design process as against dealing with different company resources for different stages. Leveraging expertise of a product design support company comes with ultimate flexibility and effectiveness.

Author Jaydeep Chauhan

About Author :

is an Engineering Specialist working at Hitech Engineering Services for the past 1 year. He caters critical engineering challenges with ease and performs exhaustive procedures to develop robust, well-engineered and high performance designs. He can always be found in the lab discussing, brainstorming and tweaking designs.

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