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It is difficult to configure a product without seeing it; and it is even more difficult to enable sales of bespoke designs without a comprehensive 3D designs.

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We help bespoke manufacturers and engineering design companies to eliminate uncertainty in sales and manufacturing by development and implementation of CAD product configurators. By taking design specification inputs directly from customers via 3D product configurators; our services help you to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction and sales targets. Whether you are an ETO or CTO based manufacturer, our automation engineers can develop rule based CAD configurators to accelerate lead time from sales-design engineering-manufacturing-dispatch.

How can CAD Configurators expand Design Customization?

We integrate your CAD database with configurator platforms to deliver guided selling methods to let customers select, visualize, arrange, and customize a list of items and automate repetitive design tasks. To unleash design customization limits and empower you with higher productivity, we offer:

  • Master 3D CAD models development
  • Integration of CAD models with configurators
  • Capturing design intelligence in configurator platform 
  • Developing logical set of rules for permissible customization 
  • Generation of customer input forms and generate shop floor documents
  • Initiation of automated BOMs
  • Developing constraint-based technical engineering documentation
  • Embedding configurator with website and mobile APIs
  • Immediate and accurate sales quote with dispatch information 
  • Enabled CPQ solutions to integrate CAD with support systems like ERP, CRM, PLM etc.
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CAD Configurator for Door CAD Configurator for Door
CAD Configurator of Vanity CAD Configurator of Vanity
Product Configurator Product Configurator
Tank Configurator Tank Configurator
Vanity Configurator Vanity Configurator

We cater wide range of products such as indoor or outdoor furniture, industrial products, machinery components, oil and gas equipment, prefabricated sheet metal building products and many alike. Speak to our design automation engineers to implement rule-based 3D CAD configurator for your product mix.

Furniture Furniture
Doors & Frames Doors & Frames
Cabinets Cabinets
Steel Stairs Steel Stairs
Balustrades Balustrades
Canopies Canopies
Pressure Tanks Pressure Tanks
Façades Façades
HVAC Ducts HVAC Ducts
Oil & Gas Equipment Oil & Gas Equipment

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