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Manufacturing companies have to duly check quote before committing to the delivery dates based on the readiness of designs and raw materials. If ignored, it results in loss of business.

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If you too are a manufacturing company offering a range of custom product-mix and are struggling to respond to inquirers faster and generate accurate quotes at the right time, CPQ solution is what you need. Our CPQ solutions help manufacturing firms to integrate their design database and integrate the remote network of sales team and offer need-based and guided selling. We help you implement web-based product sales configurator to establish standardized selling process and increase productivity.

CPQ solutions with CAD configurator:

We deliver CPQ solutions to custom product manufacturers for building product and industrial plant equipment manufacturing to generate accurate quotes and accelerate their engineering lead time for complex products. We specialize in:

  • Automate design cycle by leveraging existing design database.
  • Connect sales, manufacturing and design teams virtually.
  • Generate immediate accurate quotes with 99% efficiency.
  • Create BOMs and sales order by eliminating error-prone information.
  • Implement product configurator to leverage CPQ solutions.
  • Integration with Different ERP and CRM packages.
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CPQ solutions with CAD configurator

With an experienced team in design automation using SolidWorks macros, excel rules, DriveWorks, Inventor, Creo, Tacton, we possess the expertise needed for problem solving of configure, price and quotes related issues. Speak to our automation engineers and eliminate roadblock early.

CAD Configurator for Tank CAD Configurator for Tank
CAD Configurator for Vanity System CAD Configurator for Vanity System
Configurator Development using Driveworks Configurator Development using Driveworks
Online Table Configurator Online Table Configurator
Product Configurator for Pressure Vessel Product Configurator for Pressure Vessel
Sales Quotes and Documentation Sales Quotes and Documentation
Tank Configurator Tank Configurator
Vanity Configurator using Inventor ilogic Vanity Configurator using Inventor ilogic

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