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Manufacturers, today, offer customized products; but customization often leads to longer lead times and unproductive repetitive modeling.

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Our design automation services help you automate time consuming tasks by developing CAD Macros and SQL database and reduce design cycle times. We help you save time and create custom models, designs and error free BOMs as well as sales quotes with shortened time to market. From creating product configurators to CPQ solution, and developing custom scripting for CAD customization, we help you fulfill manufacturing orders with quality deliverables.

Expert Design Automation Services:

Our certified design automation experts will be with you right from development of CAD automation plugins using logical rules, installation, training of your teams, and maintenance. We offer enlisted services:

Design Automation Solution
  • Cost estimation and bidding for custom manufacturing contacts
  • DriveWorks implementation and training for Xpress, Solo and Pro modules
  • Web and mobile based online and offline product sales configurator
  • Design automation for companies that design, engineer and assemble to order
  • Custom script development according to your design and manufacturing capabilities

We engage with including building products manufacturers, cabinet makers, and manufacturers of doors, windows, industrial components like pressure vessel etc. and bespoke furniture manufacturers.

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CAD Configurator for Door CAD Configurator for Door
CAD Configurator of Vanity CAD Configurator of Vanity
Product Configurator Product Configurator
Tank Configurator Tank Configurator
Vanity Configurator Vanity Configurator
CAD Configurator for Tank CAD Configurator for Tank
Online Table Configurator Online Table Configurator
3D Door Configuration 3D Door Configuration
3D Furniture Configurator 3D Furniture Configurator
Driveworks Configurator of Pressure Tank Driveworks Configurator of Pressure Tank
Tank Configurator Using Driveworks Tank Configurator Using Driveworks

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