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Architectural millwork industry has a continuing trend of design needs wherein multiple designers work in collaboration. The differences in design outlook and approach can often cause troubles to furniture manufacturers, architects and contractors.

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Our millwork drafting services help establish seamless communication channels between architects, contractors, fabricators, retailers and distributors by developing custom millwork shop drawings and CAD woodwork drafting as per standards specified by AWI and other international millwork standards. We aid furniture and cabinet makers, store fixture design, manufacturing companies and designers in development of millwork detail drawings, custom joinery, and casework shop drawings in 2D using AutoCAD to transfer design intelligence across the teams and manufacture exactly as designed.

Our expertise in Millwork Drafting services

Our architectural millwork drafting teams provide cost effective solutions for outsourcing of SolidWorks parametric 3D modeling and millwork CAD drawings of shop furniture, architectural woodwork and commercial casework. We specialize in:

Millwork Drafting & Drawings using AutoCAD
  • Casework for Kitchen cabinets & counters
  • Display counters, racks & shelves
  • Furniture for retail shops
  • Wall paneling, Digital Signage, Timber, Reception, Glazed, Terracotta Wall
  • Seating arrangement: Recliners, booths, banquette seating, chair, sofa, U shape, L shape, etc.
  • Shopping mall & super market mantels
  • Bespoke Joinery for Lighting
  • Office furniture: Planters, doors & windows, bespoke reception desk, etc.
  • Specialist internal or sub-contract drawings like CNC Layers, furniture upholstery, Metalwork Drawings, etc.
  • Stone/Corian drawings
MillWork Shop Drawings MillWork Shop Drawings
Millwork for Commercial Office Millwork for Commercial Office
Millwork Drafting Millwork Drafting
Millwork Detail Drawings Millwork Detail Drawings
Architectural Millwork Drawings Architectural Millwork Drawings

With 20+ years of handling offshore works and 100+ CAD experts, we are the right millwork drafting partners for interior as well as exterior furniture manufacturing, custom joineries and millwork companies.

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We deliver industry specific millwork drafting services to:

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