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Developing new products or revamping the old ones, a common denominator is the aim to reduce the design development cycle which is usually lost in the process.

Product design engineers know this elongation in design cycle time costs them in form of lost opportunities and customers. And in all these hustle, quality of output is often compromised.

If these are your challenges too, we can be your partnering company for mechanical design support services to help you take informed decision backed with detail engineering of 2D drafts and 3D solid modeling.

We help you utilize your time and resources efficiently by consulting you to strategize your product development cycle.

Our expertise in drafting assists you in making the extra time for innovation and launching your product on right time in the markets. Being an authorized service partner of DriveWorks, we help you implement and train your workforce for design automation and CAD customization solution to reduce modeling time even for bespoke requirements.

Service offerings for Mechanical Product Design and Drafting:

  • CAD Design Support Services: From concept to manufacturing, a close collaboration of our drafters and design engineers with your design and fabrication teams for seamless concept development and transforming it into manufacturing-ready drawings. We help you explain your design intent in 3D geometry using 3D CAD modeling, 3D rendering, flythrough models and animations.
  • Detailed Engineering Services: Taking your conceptual ideas to detailed engineering drawings to transform them into manufacture-able products. Our detailed engineering services include 2D fabrication drafting, 3D product modeling with PMI annotations and MBD, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering solutions along with value addition at every stage.
  • Engineering Analysis & Design Optimization: Eliminate component failure by ensuring safe designs through analyses and optimize them based on simulation results. We help you obtain proofs of your design concept through FEA and CFD techniques and eliminate waste of time, material, cost and man-hours invested.

Be it an industrial product or building product, a high end automotive sheet metal component or a simple metal furniture drafting, our drafters are capable of handling your needs and deliver you 2D manufacturing draft that suits your custom fabrication shop setting.

Tell us about your mechanical product design and/or drafting requirements today and we will give you efficient solutions for better products.

Our Industrial Product Design Sample Projects:

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