Furniture Modeling and Rendering

We enable transforming furniture design concepts in quality craftsmanship as well as immersive 3D modeling and photorealistic 3D rendering.

Based in India; our design team partners with furniture design companies, engineers, product manufacturers and interior designing firms across the globe for delivering 3D rendering of furniture product models. We create communicative 3D design models, bright ideas, shop clearance, and interactive visuals of rendered models for wood and metal furniture products with excellent surface finish properties.

Our in-house teams of 3D artists and CAD designers inhabit the real-life characteristics of shadows, dents, texturing, and surface metal finish rendering 3D CAD models of commercial and residential furniture. We use V-ray and Lightroom with Autodesk 3ds Max to render the native CAD models of furniture products made using SolidWorks, Inventor or Revit.

At Hi-Tech, our focus lies on creating excellent natural looking images that coincide with the designing as well as AR/VR company’s goals of furniture designing by creating lightweight 3D CAD models for better experience of the designs.

Service offerings for Furniture Modeling and Rendering:

  • Stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and custom sheet metal alloys furniture modeling
  • 3D rendering, carving and texturing for wooden furniture
  • Brightness, color correction and layout precisions for furniture product brochures
  • Furniture, accessories and fixtures modeling and rendering for as-built models

Alongside, our designers are experts of automating repetitive tasks for 3D furniture modeling especially for bespoke and custom furniture designs by leveraging design automation using DriveWorks and Inventor iLogic. We help ETO manufacturers of doors, windows, shop fitting furniture, sheet metal furniture etc. to enable same day manufacturing by quick approvals of concepts and generating manufacturing, assembly and installation drawings in 2D CAD.

Our specialties for furniture modeling include:

  • Residential sofa modeling, steel stairs, rails, etc.
  • Fixtures like knobs, hinges, frames, stoppers etc.
  • Office tables & chairs modeling
  • Commercial kitchen furniture, shelters and canopy
  • Carpentry design, modeling, and millwork drawings
  • Upholstery color palate for custom designs
  • Patio furniture, garden and swimming pool furniture modeling
  • Recreational furniture modeling and rendering

Contact us for more details and share your furniture 3D modeling and/or rendering requirements with our 3D design teams.

Our Furniture Modeling and Rendering Sample Projects:

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