Detailed Engineering Services

At Hi-Tech, we seamlessly integrate our virtual design outsourcing capabilities in India with client’s product development processes to build high performance, competitive products.

Our experienced engineering team enables product design engineers and manufacturers to foresee product design, identify flaws and validate design intent; to make informed design decisions, ensuring viability and manufacturability of products.

Our detailed engineering design services include:

  • Mechanical Design & Drafting support for sheet metal fabrication, tool design, aluminum sheeting and other metal products.
  • Reverse Engineering solutions for sheet metal products, industrial equipment, automotive components as well as entire plants.
  • Rapid Prototyping services for optimized tolerances, watertight geometry and balanced part density & strength.
  • Sheet Metal Design services for building products, public utility products like, doors, frames, windows, kiosks and steel panels to industrial products like heat exchangers and HVAC equipment.

Combining our 10+ years of experience and knowledge with your existing capabilities, we accelerate product design, increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. We work with manufacturers at varying stages in the transition to a digital workflow, making product development process smarter and not harder while gaining the competitive advantage.

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