Case Study

Transformed 2D drawing to 3D CAD models for industrial tool manufacturer

Digitized manufacturing drawings to retain design intelligence and opportune futuristic tool design upgrades.

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We worked with: Industrial equipment and tool manufacturer, India

The company needed: To translate 2D drawings to 3D CAD models aligned with manufacturing shop floor needs.

The tool manufacturer had a legacy design database in 2D drawings saved in non-editable pdf format which obstructed the means to enhance designs. Also, there was no scope of updating ECOs from shop floor which resulted in multiple handwritten footnotes.

Our CAD engineers studied the existing 2D drawings of reducer gear assembly of a steel strapping machine saved in pdf format which had no scope to edit, correct or upgrade. The project team also studied the corresponding tooling capabilities to align the designs for reducing ECOs.

The project team translated all the 2D files into 3D solid models meticulously so that the design intelligence is not lost during translation. Based on the information gathered and comprehensive 3D models, final part models, components, fixtures and complete assembly model was developed.

Also, manufacturing and fabrication drawings were easy to generate along with BOMs, exploded isometric views and multiple views of model was readily created.