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With multitude of competitors in sheet metal fabrication business, surviving with excellence is growing tougher by the day for industrial metal fabricators.

The solution to remain successful in competitive markets is fabricating more in less time. The only hurdle standing in between is meeting exact shop floor requirements and reduce change orders while keeping focus on numbers.

Our expertise in SolidWorks sheet metal design services helps you generate precise and accurate sheet metal fabrication drawings following DFM guidelines that reduce ECOs and fabricate seamlessly.

With a wide portfolio of 3D CAD designs of metal that includes product design, sheet metal enclosures, brackets, rack and shelving system, and retail sheet metal furniture, we help you coordinate with sheet metal fabricators and contractors and explain your design intent.

From conventional 2D shop floor drawings and 3D modeling, our services include today’s technology of design automation and CAD customization for bespoke sheet metal furniture and building product designs such as cabinets, roofs, claddings, panels, and automotive OEMs for precision sheet metal manufacturing companies globally.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Design Services include:

  • Design support for 2D and 3D solid and surface sheet metal parts and assemblies using SolidWorks & DriveWorks as well as Inventor iLogic and Configurator 360
  • Conversion of solid CAD models to sheet metal part considering bend radius, k-factor and other sheet metal properties
  • Generate base, edge miter, swept flanges, bends, using SolidWorks
  • Developing nesting reports and drawing, fabrication drafts and assembly drawings
  • Punching, boring, drilling, bending, extruded parts, dimples, curls and other sheet metal features with drafts
  • Weldment designs and nesting reports for sheet metal welding and cutting
  • Product designs for fabricated metal and alloys
  • Flat patterns for laser and plasma cutting as well as CNC machine operations

Our drafters and sheet metal design engineers will collaborate with sheet metal contractors to understand their design engineers design intent and help you deliver cost effective and accurate designs to help you stay competitive in markets.

Accelerate your design process by collaborating with us for your sheet metal fabrication design needs.

Our Sheet Metal Design Sample Projects

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