Sheet Metal Design

Hi-Tech specializes in delivering sheet metal design services for metal components and equipment.

Gain the flexibility to rapidly and cost-effectively develop sheet metal part / product designs using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, accelerating the design process, development costs, saving time and increasing productivity with our experience and expertise in sheet metal fabrication design.

With a team of certified Solidworks sheet metal design experts and technologically advanced engineering facility in India, we have been delivering custom sheet metal fabrication drawings, shop drawings, sheet metal components design such as duct, cabinet etc to support metal fabricators and manufacturers companies globally.

We have developed extensive experience in sheet metal furniture design and drafting services for doors, frames, windows, kiosks and steel panels to machine tools, automotive parts, industrial products and process equipment.

Our Sheet Metal Design Services include:

  • Design support for 2D and 3D solid sheet metal parts and assemblies drafting & modeling using DriveWorks
  • Convert 3D models or import CAD models directly to SOLIDWORKS sheet metal models and input your own thickness, bend radius, and K-factor
  • Generate base, edge, miter, and swept flanges, bends, including lofted bends, sketched bends, and more using SOLIDWORKS
  • 3D sheet metal model and comprehensive 2D flat drawings, fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings, nesting drawings and assembly drawings from manual blueprints
  • Accurate sheet metal forming design with critical dimensions, embosses and offsets, bend radius, bend relief, forming near holes, form height to thickness ratio, and edge distortion for manufacturability
  • Efficient sheet metal parts design for any equipment with acute bends, counter bores & countersinks, curls, dimples, embossments & ribbing, extruded holes, gussets, hems, slots, lances & louvers, notches & reliefs, welding, and plating

We also have extensive experience in developing 2D manufacturing drawings, 3D models and virtual simulation for aluminum roof racks, custom metal fabrication, aluminum trays, railings, stairways and other sheet metal products.

Our experienced design professionals and mechanical engineers further helps in preparing accurate cost estimates as well as optimize the manufacturing process through accurate design information on sheet metal bend allowance/deduction, tables for punches, bends and welding and viewing complex flatten patterns.

Our Sheet Metal Design Sample Projects

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