Sheet Metal Design Drawings & Models

Sheet metal finds extensive applications in building products, furniture, and millwork industry where every product design is bespoke. To meet quality and reduce scrap, sheet metal fabricators need detailed metal fabrication shop drawings.

At Hitech engineering services, our sheet metal design experts are committed to delivering high-quality sheet metal part drawings, models, and fabrication drawings as per industry standards. We develop sheet metal CAD models for primary approvals following DFM guidelines and standards such as ASME, TEMA, ANSI etc. for faster design approvals before manufacturing begins.

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High-end sheet metal drafting services

We have a rich portfolio of delivering CAD drafting and modeling for a range of sheet metal building products. Our CAD engineers and sheet metal design experts collaborate with your shop floor engineers to deliver metal fabrication drawings for seamless manufacturing.

A glance at our sheet metal CAD drafting services:

  • 2D and 3D sheet metal parts and assembly modeling
  • Conversion of solid CAD models to sheet metal part
  • 3D CAD modeling with sheet metal properties like bend radius, k-factor, gauge thickness etc.
  • Generate base, edge miter, swept flanges, bends using SolidWorks
  • Nesting reports, part, assembly and installation drawings
  • Nesting drawings, laser cutting reports, 2D drawings etc. for sheet metal parts with DXF files
  • Punching, boring, drilling, bending, extruded parts, curls etc.
  • Weldment designs with length, location, etc.
Sheet Metal Design Services

We engage with an array of sheet metal products such as furniture, shop fitting, building products, architectural ornamental products, electrical and plumbing fixtures and more. We collaborate with sheet metal contractors to help them with everything starting with accurate bidding to final installation of components on site with assembly and installation guides. We tailor our sheet metal drafting services to your shop capabilities for faster TATs and quality fabrication.

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