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Outsource 3D modeling services to Hitech offering excellent mechanical 3D modeling services for industrial machinery parts, sheet metal products, automotive components etc. at cost-effective rates.

As an India based specialized 3D modeling company; we develop 2D and 3D fabrication drawings, shop drawings, manufacturing drawings and 3D rendering models using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor for manufacturers, contractors, fabricators and design engineers.

3D Modelling service we offer:

  • SolidWorks surface modelling
  • 3D product modeling
  • 3D furniture modeling
  • AutoCAD 3D solid modeling
  • Car & Engine SolidWorks model rendering, design and modeling of mechanical systems

We collaborate with client’s design teams to convert conceptual ideas, hand-drawn sketches and 2D CAD drawings into 3D CAD models to better review and realize the design intent.

The 3D assembly models further provide your team the opportunity to plan the manufacturing and assembly processes early in the development cycle, reducing the cost of expensive tooling. Our product development team documents your legacy part in 3D models, allowing significant reduction in development time.

Our 3D CAD modeling services include:

  • 3D Solid Modeling & 3D Model Rendering
    We create SolidWorks 3d models for small, large and complex mechanical parts and assemblies to boost design development and detailing, quickly develop design revisions and improve visualization related to product design.
  • Large Assembly Design
    We develop 3D CAD models in SolidWorks for large assembly designs to help you document large design data and accelerate design process, streamline quick overviews and enable easy editing of large designs and plan for downstream manufacturing steps.
  • Sheet Metal Design
    We help sheet metal designers to accelerate the sheet metal design process, easily edit or revise the design with better flexibility, quickly generate CAM-ready flat patterns DXF including bend compensation and accurately estimate sheet metal manufacturing costs.
  • Frame and Weldment Design
    Our fabrication design team develops custom 3D models for welded structures, frames and bases to quickly generate manufacturing documentation with BOMs and increase design accuracy of welded assemblies.
  • Piping and Tubing Design
    Our expertise in piping and tubing design helps you to ensure efficient assembly, operation and improve manufacturing process with accurate bend tables, BOMs and provide bend table inputs for CNC benders.

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