3D Modeling Services

As mechanical products get complex, managing design data and finishing the drawings with in-depth critical detail works get challenging for designers.

Our CAD engineers deliver precise 3D CAD models along with 2D fabrication shop drawings to manufacturing firms, building products, fabrication companies and sheet metal contractors. We help you develop large and complex multi-component design assemblies for industrial equipment, furniture, and millwork for you to be able to initiate timely production.

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3D modeling services we offer:

Our offshore and onshore CAD drafters and 3D modelers equipped with SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360 partner your design teams to deliver 3D CAD modeling services at cost effective rates. We specialize in:

  • Converting 2D CAD into 3D CAD
  • Mechanical 3D product modeling
  • 3D furniture modeling & rendering
  • Solidworks modeling services for concept to manufacturing
  • 3D Assembly and part modeling
  • Convert mechanical 2D drawings(tif and pdf) into 3D SolidWorks files
  • DXF files for sheet metal fabrication
  • Creating PDM vaults and CAD library
  • Provide 3D Modelling from AutoCAD drawing files
Mechanical 3D CAD Modeling

Our mechanical and industrial design engineers deliver accurate, high-quality and comprehensive CAD models to help you transform innovative product ideas to manufactured products. We ensure to reduce your design development time and costs of manufacturing whether you are making a chassis or a kiosk.

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Benefits of 3D CAD modeling to manufacturers

When manufacturing firms receive manufacturing orders, they get information, drawings and details about the product from their customer, but your shop floor needs detailed models. And complex products take time, several machining operations, and dedicated attention. 3D CAD modeling helps you resolve all the challenges that hamper production stage and create a streamlined and unremitting manufacturing process.

Here are the few benefits of 3D CAD modeling for you:
  • Comprehensive product understanding through visual representation
  • Easy design modification when changes are requested by customers
  • Easy extraction of 2D drawing from readily available 3D model
  • Allows the same model to be reused
3D Modeling and detail drawings

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