Hospitality and Restaurants

The governing factors in deciding the success of any hospitality space is the architectural design, type and color of furniture and manufacturing finish. They should complement the interiors to deliver the best customer experience.

You, as an architect or the owner of a food chain store, know how a coffee/beverage table differs from a bakery table & how a hand-off counter’s design varies from that of a POS counter. You also know the consequences of interchanging the two. To help you avoid such flaws & manufacturing misruns, our millwork draftsmen coordinate with your furniture designer & architects & develop appropriate shop drawings for your hotel, restaurant, food store, food takeaway counters, mobile food shops etc.

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Millwork Drafting Services for Hospitality:

Our team of CAD managers and furniture design experts work on architectural millwork drawings for quality manufacturing, assembly and installation. To take your hotels and restaurants to new heights, our onshore and offshore millwork drafters offer:

  • Barn and sliding doors
  • Vanity and Shower systems
  • Bespoke reception front design
  • Wait area furniture
  • Wall paneling, Timber, Reception, Glazed, Terracotta Wall and partitions
  • Trash bins
  • Dipping cabinets
  • Topping stations
  • Drive through tables
  • Seating arrangement
  • Banquette seating
Hospitality and Restaurants

We remain an integral part for design drafting of millwork, custom casework and woodworking in hospitality furniture industry to our clients across the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia. Owing to our global presence and 10+ years of CAD drawings deliver, we are the right partners for you to overcome the most critical challenges.

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