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Hi-Tech has remained a valuable design support partner, providing world-class Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services for major engineering and manufacturing firms. Our FEA engineering consultants can help you with stress analysis & thermal analysis.

We are one of the top FEA consulting services company offering FEA analysis services, FEA simulation and modeling. Our dedicated team of analysts, engineers and industry experts collaborate with client’s design team to help them identify design flaws right from early development stages.

Our certified professionals hold expertise to develop finite element models for static, transient, linear or non-linear simulation requirements. Further, our validity checks such as convergence analysis, boundary conditions review and hand calculations help in maintaining the quality of the results obtained through finite element simulations.

Our FEA Capabilities:

  • Stress distribution over the product subjected to static forces and pressures
  • Linear and non-linear deformation prediction of the product
  • Durability of alternative materials for improvement in structural integrity
  • In-depth information about the noise and vibration frequencies generation on product under motion
  • Prediction of the component wear or machine breakdown
  • Establishment of proactive maintenance practices
  • Identification of hot spots, thermal soak as well as expansion and contraction due to thermal stresses using coupled field analysis
  • Identification of the causes of fatigue failure or fracture
  • Prediction of the crack formation and its subsequent growth rate
  • Establishment of future inspection intervals
  • Measurement of the durability of alloys & composite materials
  • Evaluation of the product’s safety margin
  • Recommendation of new design with improved fatigue limits
  • Topology and shape optimization

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