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From product development engineers and engineering design firms to manufacturers, we extend our expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to solve product design problems, validate the designs and visualize the flow patterns early in the development stages.

Our CFD experts deliver key insights on product behavior and helps in minimizing physical test trials. With scalable resources and computing capabilities, we serve as a design support extension for manufacturing and engineering organizations to leverage competencies and deliver better products to end customers.

Being a full-service digital product design services provider, we enable engineers to answer who, what, how and why for product designs prior to actual manufacturing. Our experience in performing CFD simulations is for major industrial equipments that include RTOs, heat exchangers, flow control systems, building ventilation, fluid mixing and separation devices.

Our CFD Capabilities:

  • Identifying lift and drag forces responsible for unstable behavior of the component and suggesting suitable design modifications from geometrical aspects
  • Evaluating the effects of torque in rotating machineries
  • Accurate prediction of the combustion phenomenon within the proposed chamber design
  • Precise measurement of the flame generation and its propagation
  • Useful information on species concentration, their volumetric generation or destruction rate
  • Prediction of the pollutant formation
  • Species distribution across the domain being investigated
  • Behavior of individual species involving reactions
  • Accurate prediction of phase redistribution in multiphase flows
  • Performance evaluation of the system requiring flow mixing or separation
  • Volume fraction calculation of solid particles in liquid or gas
  • Droplets, bubbles and particle tracking in continuous phase flows
  • Evaluation of the chemical reaction between multiphase flows within the specified domain
  • Identification of hot regions in the product or device being tested
  • Fluid flow distribution around the component and identification of restriction passages and its elimination
  • Calculation of useful parameters such as heat transfer rate, average temperature of the product, effectiveness of cooling fluid, etc.

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