Engineering Analysis

At Hi-Tech, we leverage capabilities of engineering firms and manufacturing organizations through virtual design testing.

Our simulation and design optimization services help you to evaluate product performance across multiple physics using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

From stress and deformation studies, thermal effects and fluid flow visualization to fatigue life estimation, our engineers help to improve the product designs from all aspects right from early design phase. Hi-Tech has successfully delivered design projects for multiple domains including automotive, industrial equipments, building structures and power plants.

FEA & CFD Analysis Projects

Our Engineering Analysis services include:

CFD Simulation

  • Heat transfer and fluid flow (Electronic Cooling, HVAC)
  • Aerodynamic and fluid structure interaction (FSI) for rotating machines (Fans, Turbines, Pumps)
  • Combustion analysis for IC engine, boilers, gas turbines, furnaces
  • CFD analysis for components involving multiphase flows (Solid-Liquid/Gas)

FEA Simulation

  • Static structural analysis (Linear and Non-linear) for stress and deformation calculation
  • Dynamic analysis (Vibration, Modal, Seismic) for equipment safety and noise management
  • Coupled analysis (Structural-Thermal, Piezoelectric) for product involving multiple physics loading
  • Fatigue life estimation to establish maintenance and warranty schedules

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