Reverse Engineering

Hi-Tech is a leading reverse engineering services provider company, helping you generate 3D CAD model of any physical part or equipment using 3D scanned data supporting various industries and manufacturers.

We are the best reverse engineering companies in India providing exceptional 3D engineering solutions. With our reverse engineering capabilities in India, we recreate complex geometries and help in building customized, perfect-fit 3D models. We can expertly handle large mesh and point cloud data, to create manufacturing-ready solid and surface models that work seamlessly with your existing design workflows and CAM systems.

If you don’t have parts data or documentation and need to make manufacturing/industrial equipment design changes, then our reverse engineering services can help you. With our 3D reverse engineering services, we have created many 3D CAD libraries for many different clients, in multiple CAD formats.

Our Reverse Engineering Services Include:

  • Convert 3D scanned point cloud data to SolidWorks 3D CAD model
  • Reverse Engineering of legacy parts, physical parts for industries and organizations
  • Redesign a part or product without manufacturing defects
  • Checking design Interoperability
  • Developing design information for components & devices with obsolete design data
  • Performing product analysis and identify potential patent infringement
  • Digital update/correction to match an “as-built” condition
  • Reverse Engineering & 3D modeling of scanned parts like pumps, valves, industrial equipments and automotive parts

If you want to get 3D CAD models from scanned data, then Contact us today for world-class 3D reverse engineering services.

Our 3D Reverse Engineering Sample Projects

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