Concept Design

Hi-Tech’s mechanical design and engineering team enables manufacturers to better visualize conceptual product ideas and transform them to reality through an equipped engineering facility in India.

We deliver CAD outsourcing services for concept designs and provide insights on design intent that helps in refining and identifying feasible ideas for the product development teams. Our mechanical product design engineers, CAD professionals and industry experts have more than a decade of experience working on product ideas and bring it closer to manufacturability through industry-leading software tools.

Our concept design services include:

  • 2D CAD drafting from conceptual sketches and PDFs
  • 3D CAD modeling for conceptual product design
  • FEA and CFD simulation for preliminary performance evaluation
  • CAD modeling for rapid prototyping

Based in India, Hi-Tech can serve as product design and development company and assists in transforming concepts to actual products seamlessly.

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